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Logo d6 and d20 are completely gone.  Non-logo sets and individuals are still available.  Please follow us at our Facebook dice group for announcements.

Made in collaboration with the Goblin Dice Hoard, these High-Visibility Polyhedral Dice are made in Bi-Color Diffusion w/ Glitter and feature a special Goblin Green color.
They're available in sets of 7 or sets of 15 that feature Role 4 Initiative's special Arch'd4 and Balance'd20.

And to suit every gamer's and collector's needs, they're also available as individuals to customize your sets with all the traditional shapes and a special Goblin Logo d2 and pipped d6.

Our set of 15 is customized for D&D or Pathfinder so you have multiple dice in the types you use the most often.

The dice in each R4I set average about 25% larger in size than traditional dice for higher visibility and better rollability!

  The Arch'd4 is a better alternative to the traditional d4;  bigger, easier to pick up, and easier to roll than traditional d4s.

The Balance'd20 provides a more even distribution of results by ensuring all adjacent groups of 5 sides add to 52 or 53.

Goblin Green dice may be ordered in sets with Goblin logos on the highest numbered face of the d6 and d20:
  • Set of 7: Arch'd4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, Balance'd20
  • Set of 15: 3 Arch'd4, 4d6, 2d8, 2d10, d%, d12, 2 Balance'd20